SCE DogBox 6-Speed Transmission Gears

Race-worthy gearset for the 6-speed
SKU: SCE000015

SCE "Dog Box" 6-Speed Gearset

This is a dogbox gearset for the 6-speed 3000GT AWD transmission. A dogbox is a transmission that has a racing gear engagement style that used dog teeth instead of the conventional synchronizers, which allows quick and definite gear shifts.

The gears that are equipped with the dog teeth are 1, 2, 3, and 4 only. The 5, 6 and Reverse use the stock synchronizers. 

- Dog teeth on 1, 2, 3 and 4th gears (no synchros on 1-4 gears)
- Brand new transmission input shaft that is stronger than stock
- Close-ratio transmission
- Longer 1st gear
- Longer 2nd gear 
- Straight-cut 1st gear of a larger diameter to reduce the loads on the bell housing
- Reduced helix 2nd gear for less noise is at least as strong
- Superfinished gears

A complete kit includes:
- Input shaft
- 1st gear
- 2nd gear
- 3rd gear
- 4th gear
- 1/2 slider and hub
- 3/4 slider and hub
- 1/2 billet shift fork
- 3/4 billet shift fork

The 1st gear has straight cut teeth. The second is has a reduced helical teeth. The third and fourth gears are stock. Unlike most racing dogbox transmissions, this transmission is absolutely silent in all gears except the 1st. In first gear does not whine, but it sounds pleasantly entertaining. The gear box uses the original H-pattern shifting mechanism. This transmission is absolutely streetable.

** Requires good 3rd and 4th gear cores

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