SCE Suspension Adapters Kit - Fit EVO8/9 Struts & Coilovers on AWD 3000GT VR4 Stealth TT

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SCE Suspension Adapter Kit
Run EVO8 Coilovers/Struts on AWD 3000GT/Stealth

Your list of suspension options for your VR4/TT just got a lot bigger! Using this adapter kit, you are now able to easily bolt any suspension kit designed for the EVO8 and EVO9 to your AWD 3S! The EVO historically seems to have stronger aftermarket support from a larger variety of manufacturers that just don't seem to supply parts specific to the 3S platform. Now you can get past that market limitation.

These adapters will allow you to bolt on any Mitsubishi EVO VIII or EVO IX suspension kit onto your AWD 3000GT VR-4 or Stealth R/T TT. The Lancer Evolution is a similar car with a similar weight distribution, and is only a few hundred pounds lighter than the 3S. Any EVO suspension kit with reasonably stiff springs will work fine on the 3S.

The kit consists of:
- Front lower mount CNC-machined oval adapter washers, bolts and nuts;
- Rear lower mount CNC-machined tapered billet anodized aluminum adapters, washers, bolts and nuts (pictured below).

The rear upper mount points on the EVO are the same as on the 3S, so no modifications or adapters are needed for the top of the coilovers.

The front upper mounts have 3 bolts that are positioned on a slightly smaller bolt circle. The holes on the body need to be slightly opened up to allow the EVO upper mounts to be bolted on. Spend 15 minutes with a round file to make the holes longer, and you will be able to bolt on the EVO suspension to the 3S chassis. The holes are then covered with the mounting nuts and this modification becomes invisible.

Enjoy running virtually ANY brand name suspension you like on you 3S!