Short Shifter Tuner-Level w/ Shift Knob 3000GT Stealth

SKU: Shifter3S-Generic

3SX "Tuner" Short Throw Shifter
3000GT / Stealth

We now offer an entry-level short shifter for the 3000GT and Stealth. It is an private-label model, and includes a solid aluminum shift knob that threads directly onto the shift lever and locks into place with the lock nut. Universal fit for 91-99 manual transmission vehicles.

The threads on this shifter are OEM-spec, so the stock 3000GT/Stealth knobs will thread on as they have a cork insert so will simply rethread. Other aftermarket knobs with metal threaded inserts will obviously have to match.

NOTE: This will NOT work with RHD 3000GT/GTO.

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