ShortBlock - OEM Mitsubishi 6G72 Short Block with Rotating Assembly

OEM Mitsubishi 6G72 ShortBlock

Sometimes the easiest way to rebuild a blown engine is to simply drop in a fresh shortblock. We offer factory new shortblocks to get you back up and running again. These include the block and cradle, crank, rods and pistons all assebmled. Oil pan, oil pump, and other other attachments are not included.

NOTE: Due to the weight of this item, it will be shipped freight. Shipping charges will be calculated and charged separately after you place the order and we get a specific quote for your destination.

Twin Turbo 91-92 (build thru 5/92) * Not Available 1/12/2017
Twin Turbo 93 (build 6/92-5/93)
Twin Turbo 94-99 (build 6/93+)

NA DOHC 91-93 (build thru 5/93)
NA DOHC 94-99 (build 6/93+)

NA SOHC 97 (build 5/96-5/97)
NA SOHC 98-99 (build 6/97+)

Note: The short blocks not listed below are discontinued. The ones that are available are special order and will take 1-2 months to arrive. 5/25/2017

Picture of Shortblock NA DOHC 94+ (build 6/93+)
Shortblock NA DOHC 94+ (build 6/93+)
SKU: ShortBlockDOHC94-99
Picture of Shortblock NA SOHC 98-99 (6/97+)
Shortblock NA SOHC 98-99 (6/97+)
SKU: ShortBlockSOHC98-99