3SX Under-Body Channel / Fuel Line Cover - Aluminum

SKU: BLL000014

3SX Aluminum Underbody Protector 

Channel Guard 



This custom aluminum panel replaces the stock plastic "channel guard" that runs along the bottom of the car to protect the fuel lines - the series of lines on the passenger side of the driveshaft/exhaust tunnel. 

The plastic part can get damaged over time - and even the youngest of the 3000GT/Stealth is beyond 24 years old! 

Fashioned from 2mm thick aluminum, this bolt-in panel fits into the stock locations. This is shown with the tabs bent upwards. They do NOT come pre-bent, but can be bent with tools. Tabs do not have to be bent, but this does allow for more air flow.

The Cover has enough clearance to allow for larger 3SX stainless fuel lines as well!

Fits both AWD and FWD models.

* These are powder coated black *