3SX Under-Body Channel / Fuel Line Cover - Aluminum

Custom Fabricated Louvered Aluminum Under-Body Fuel Line Cover, Made in USA
SKU: BLL000014

3SX Aluminum Underbody Protector 

Channel Guard 



Photo Cred: Skillard

This custom aluminum panel replaces the stock plastic "channel guard" that runs along the bottom of the car to protect the fuel lines - the series of lines on the passenger side of the driveshaft/exhaust tunnel. 




The plastic part can get damaged over time - and even the youngest of the 3000GT/Stealth is beyond 19 years old! 




Fashioned from 2mm thick aluminum, this bolt-in panel fits into the stock locations.


The Cover has enough clearance to allow for larger 3SX stainless fuel lines as well!

Fits both AWD and FWD models.

* These are powder coated black *



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