SOHC Lifters / SOHC Lash Adjusters 3000GT Stealth

Hydraulic Lifters / Lash Adjusters for SOHC
For 12-valve 3000GT and Stealth Engines

Even the SOHC engines can develop lifter tick over time, or even fail simply due to age. These are replacement lash adjusters for the SOHC 12-vavle engines in the 91-96 Base Stealth and 97-99 Base 3000GT.

Sold as a set of 12 or individually.

NOTE: These will NOT fit the DOHC 3000GT and Stealth engines.


Picture of SOHC Lifter - SINGLE Lifter
SOHC Lifter - SINGLE Lifter
SKU: LifterSOHC3SSingle
Picture of SOHC Lifters - Set of 12
SOHC Lifters - Set of 12
SKU: LifterSOHC3SSet12