South Bend Clutch Kits 3000GT and Stealth Non-Turbo NA FWD

South Bend Clutch Kits
3000GT / Stealth / Non-Turbo / NA / FWD

Available in FOUR Different Stages!

All clutch kits come with Pressure Plate, Disc, Throwout Bearing, and Alignment tool

Stage 1:

Heavy Duty: Heavy Duty Version of the stock O.E. clutch. The pressure plate has an increased clamping load for extended life. The disc is dual dampened for smooth engagement and increased transmission life. Premium friction material ensures rapid heat dissapation increasing clutch life. Recommended for spirited and daily driving usage.

Stage 2:

Daily: Engineered for HP modifications. This Heavy Duty pressure plate as an increased clamp load with little or no increase in pedal pressure. The Organic disc material has a high metal content that increases the coefficent of friction by two times over an OEM lining and increases rotational strength up to a 12,000 RPM burst point. This clutch system maintains a stock feel while offering strength and durability. Recommended usage is daily, street, and mild race.

Endurance: An SFI approved single mass flywheel is recommended for this application to get optimal performance. This clutch system is designed for the racing climate. The pressure plate is precision balanced for vibration free operation at high RPM. The pressure plate fulcrum is altered for a positive disengagement and a quick shift. the disc is engineered with a Dual Damped design to provide accurate control when accelerating through corners. The friction material is a hybrid using a full face Feramic (sinstered iron) lining on the flywheel side and a high metal Organic lining on the pressure plate side. Engagement is positive, yet buffered, due to the high graphite content unique to Feramic facings. Recommended uses are daily and street with an emphasis on Rally and Endurance Racing.

Drag: This system features a heavy duty pressure place modified for a puck style disc with no cushion between the linings to keep the clutch pedal travel short and quick. The pick design disc reduces rotational mass and total drive surface area while increasing pounds per square inch on the friction material. This combination minimizes inertia, accelerating the transfer of torque from the engine to the wheels. The friction material used for this race application is Graphite Impregnated Ceramic. This compound exceeded all other friction materials when testing for durability, reduced chatter, heat transfer, and torque capacity. Recommended uses are drag racing, drift, and limited street.

Stage 3:

Daily: This clutch package is designed for high HP vehicles desiring a start performance similar to O.E. The pressure plate is race engineered and SFI approved with significant load increase over Stage 1 and 2 pressure plates (+600-800 lbs). Expect a pedal increase of 20% - 25%, Discs are assembled with heat-treated wear resistant hubs, drive plates and springs for high load transfer and dependable operation. The sprung centers on the disc in conjunction with the marcel fin between the linings create a dual dampening effect that simulates O.E. start performance. A performance Organic friction material with a high metal content increases torque and RPM capability and maintains low operating temperatures which reduces wear and glazing. Recommended usages are daily, spirited street, and occasional track.

Endurance: This kit uses the same race engineered SFI approved pressure plate as Stage 3 Daily package. The disc is designed for the special needs of a vehicle with circuit racing in mind. Kevlar friction material is used for its unique static to dynamic ratios of friction coefficents at high energy levels. This translates to a perfect trransition from one gear to the next. Discs are assembled with only performance components and equipped with torsion springs functioning as a damper between engine and gearbox. Recommended usages are Rally, Endurance Race, Clubsport, Autocross, street and daily.

Drag: This clutch package is built to handle hevily modified cars and designed to function to the specific needs of the 1/8th and 1/4 mile tracks. The pressure plate of this kit is SFI approved Race Cover engineered to disengauge with less pedal travel shortening the shift time. Discs are a puck design, which reduces rotational mass and are assembled with all high carbon component pieces for maximum strength. The friction material used is Graphite impregnated Ceramic perfectly suited for drag racing because of it's maximum friction coefficent, rapid heat dissipation, and abrupt engagement characteristics. Recommended for drag racing, pulling, and drift.

Stage 4:

Extreme: This is a "build to order" clutch kit intended for cars with HP modifications exceeding the Stage 3 parameters. The Race Engineered pressure plate is modified for maximum plate load. The discs are puck design with sprung hubs. Friction material is sintered iron. Engagement characteristics can be abrupt. Hydraulic systems may need enhancing for proper clutch seperation. An SFI flywheel is required for safety.

Picture of South Bend Clutch 3S NA 1 HD
South Bend Clutch 3S NA 1 HD
Up to 300 ft-lbs
Picture of South Bend Clutch 3S NA 2 Daily
South Bend Clutch 3S NA 2 Daily
Up to 320 ft-lbs
Picture of South Bend Clutch 3S NA 2 Endurance
South Bend Clutch 3S NA 2 Endurance
Up to 365 ft-lbs
Picture of South Bend Clutch 3S NA 2 Drag
South Bend Clutch 3S NA 2 Drag
Up to 425 ft-lbs
Picture of South Bend Clutch 3S NA 3 Daily
South Bend Clutch 3S NA 3 Daily
Up to 400 ft-lbs
Picture of South Bend Clutch 3S NA 3 Endurance
South Bend Clutch 3S NA 3 Endurance
Up to 460 ft-lbs
Picture of South Bend Clutch 3S NA 3 Drag
South Bend Clutch 3S NA 3 Drag
Up to 525 ft-lbs
Picture of South Bend Clutch 3S NA 4 Extreme
South Bend Clutch 3S NA 4 Extreme
Up to 585 ft-lbs
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