3SX Stage 3 Cylinder Head; Ported + Polished Heads 3S World Record Holders

Ported and Polished, Big Valve Heads

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"Stage 3SX" Ported & Polished Heads

Go for the FLOW! These are ported and polished built heads! We have them available for almost all DOHC 3000GT/Stealth models - both twin turbo and non-turbo! Our port job is such that we're getting rid of the bad things like rough edges and bumps that cause turbulence, and smoothing out the parts that need it to not only increase flow, but maintain the requisite air velocity to help make more power!

3SX "CUT" to the chase! We provided our head machinist with a sample head to cut up at will to really analyze the inner workings of the ports and water/oil journals and learn just where to and where NOT to work the heads and ports. Our heads have out-flowed others' heads *on the same flowbench* - ruling out the "comparing apples to oranges" argument. So you can run with the best... Or settle for some other heads.

These heads come assembled with upgraded oversized 3SX black nitride intake valves and Inconel exhaust valves in a +1in/+1ex configuration. Supporting those valves are 3SX valve springs with titanium retainers. New seals are also installed, and guides sleeved/replaced as needed, so these are ready to bolt onto your block!

CHECK THE COMPETITION! We INCLUDE all the upgrades - upgraded oversized valves (with high-temp Inconels for the exhaust valves), upgraded high-rev valve spring+retainer kit which is a requisite when running more aggressive cams or a raised rev limiter. These babies are ready for custom cams and ready to deliver you some serious power!!! Why bother pricing some great heads with stock stuff like valves or springs?? We cut to the chase and include the upgrades!!

RECORDS DON'T LIE! These heads have helped power BOTH of 3SX's drag cars to WORLD RECORD RUNS on both the AWD and FWD 3000GT/Stealth platform!!

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Finish the build of these heads with your choice of cams (available separately) - you can use stock (but why?) or go with the various upgraded cams we carry to really take advantage of these high-flow heads!

REMEMBER: Our heads INCLUDE the upgraded valve spring kit and oversized black-nitride and Inconel valves! No extra charges for the good stuff :-)

NOTE: A $750 Core Charge is attached to the price when added to your shopping cart. This amount is refunded to you in the same method you paid (back to card or Paypal account, or check for Money Order payments) once 3SX receives your core parts in rebuildable/reusable condition per the core parts policies. You can send your heads in advance to avoid the core charges.

3SX Core Parts Return Form
Need a copy of the Core Return Form? Download and print it here!


NOTE: These are MADE TO ORDER so expect a lead time - typically 8/12 weeks  ( 9/1/2020 )

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