Steering Rack Mounting Bushings Brackets Bolts 3000GT/Stealth

Steering Rack Bushing and Brackets 3000GT/Stealth


** Bushings no longer available **


LH / DRIVER SIDE = Larger Bushing | RH / PASS SIDE = Smaller with 2 holes

Over time, bushings can wear out, leading to random squeaks and clunks. These are the stock rubber steering rack bushings and respective brackets and mounting bolts.

Part # Description
BUSH-3731* Steering Rack BUSHING 3S LH / DR Early 91 (Build thru Nov 90 - 9004.1-9011.3)
BUSH-4378* Steering Rack BUSHING 3S LH / DR Late 91 thru 99 (Build Dec 90+ - 9012.1-99)
BUSH-4700* Steering Rack BUSHING 3S RH / PASS Side with Holes for 2 Lines 91-99
BRKT-1284 Steering Rack BRACKET Passenger Side
BRKT-3730 Steering Rack BRACKET Driver's Side
BOLT-307 Steering Rack Bracket Mounting Bolt (4 total)

Left = Driver's Side
Right = Passenger Side

* The indicated part is discontinued and can no longer be ordered.

NOTE: There is only one of each part on a car, except the mounting bolts, there are a total of 4, 2 per bracket.

All parts priced individually.

Picture of BRKT-1284 - Steering Rack BRACKET Right/Pass Side
BRKT-1284 - Steering Rack BRACKET Right/Pass Side
SKU: BRKT-1284