TT&NA Stillen Brake Pads All Years


Stillen Brake Pads - 3000GT / Stealth

* TT Fronts on Backorder, ETA 1/4/22 *

Improve your stopping power by stepping up to Stillens high-performance metal-matrix brake pads. These are designed to be low-brake-dust and not squeal.

3000GT / Stealth 1991 - 1999 Turbo Front #531
3000GT / Stealth 1991 - 1993 Turbo Rear #728 (1-piston caliper)
3000GT / Stealth 1994 - 1999 Turbo Rear #631 (2-piston caliper)
3000GT / Stealth 1991 - 1999 Non-Turbo Front #718
3000GT / Stealth 1991 - 1999 Non-Turbo Rear #3062

NOTE: For Non-USA customers the brake systems seem to have variations as to year applications from those found on the US models. Details on the rotors are here. For the pads the AWD Twin Turbo fronts were all the same. The US AWD Twin Turbo rear 91-93 used a single piston floating caliper, the US 94-99 AWD Twin Turbo used a 2-piston caliper. You can confirm which pads are needed on the rear by checking the caliper. FWD US cars had no brake system variations through the production life cycle.