Stock E-Brake Handle Assembly EBrake Handle Parking Brake 3000GT/Stealth

Stock E-Brake Handle Assembly 3000GT/Stealth

If you are like me, you have about worn out the ebrake handle and button from constantly clicking the button while you drive down the road! LOL! But replacing the factory ebrake handle cover is actually not an option - you have to get the entire ebrake assembly! But ironically and thankfully its actually affordable! These are the factory original ebrake handle and assembly with switch, lever, and adjustment connector - new button and leather handle included!

NOTE: You can NOT get just the handle or boot separately, only the complete assembly as pictured above. Also, getting the lever does NOT include the passenger side stay/brace - it is listed seprately (if it is still available...).


Other EBrake Handle Components

BOLT-0053 - 2 hold the handle assy, 2 hold the stay bracket (sold each)
BUSH-0139 - bushing for passenger side of lever assy (1 on car)** DISCONTINUED
BRKT-6014 - bracket for passenger side of lever assy (bolts to floor)
Factory E-Brake Handle Assembly (Gray)
Factory E-Brake Handle Assembly (Black)


Aftermarket options!!

There are actually SEVERAL aftermarket custom options for refreshing your ebrake assembly that are available!

Genuine Leather Shift + Ebrake Boots

Now if the structre of the ebrake lever assy is damaged or broken from the floorboard, you'll still have to get either the OEM lever assembly and/or the passenger side bracket.

NOTE: These E-Brake Handle Assemblys are over 20 years old. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention they are not 100% perfect anymore. Just like the shift boots with cracked material. These ebrake handle assemblys are coming to us with impressions on the material. These will not be "perfect" when you receive them.


9/14/18 - Gray AND Black E-Brake Assembly is Discontinued

Picture of BOLT-0053 - Bolt for E-Brake Assy Mount to Floor (EACH)
BOLT-0053 - Bolt for E-Brake Assy Mount to Floor (EACH)
SKU: BOLT-0053