Stock OEM BOV Bypass Valve 3000GT/Stealth

Stock BOV Blow Off Valve / Bypass Valve 3000GT/Stealth

Over time the stock bypass valve can simply lose its capability to hold boost, especially if you are running increased boost over stock settings. Most people go with an aftermarket adjustable BOV, whether open loop or recirculating like the stock unit. But if you are still running the stock valve and are hearing the "hooting owl", it's time to replace or upgrade that tired stock valve. We offer a variety of aftermarket valves to satisfy whatever your heart's desire is, but sometimes the almighty wallet rules! The stock valve is definitely the most affordable option.

Left = 1st Gen 91-93 Straight Outlets | Right = 2nd Gen 94-99 Offset Outlets
Lower pic is approx orientation as installed on car, looking from pass side.



NOTE: This listing is for a BRAND NEW OEM valve (though used are pictured).


Stock OEM BOV Bypass Valve 91-93 TT/VR4
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