Stock OEM Crank Pulley Harmonic Damper Balancer 3000GT/Stealth

Stock Crank Pulley 3000GT/Stealth


These are the stock crank pulley ("harmonic dampener"). The stock pulley is actually referred to as a harmonic dampener because it has a rubber band between the inner part and outer part to help isolate the pulses of the crank from the attached accessories. As these cars age, the rubber dry-rots and the pulleys can spin apart, often causing damage to other parts in the engine. While most people replace the stock crank pulley (weighing nearly 8 pounds!) with a light-weight aluminum 1-piece pulley, we have listed the stock pulleys for those that want to keep the stock pulley but need a new one. :)

NOTE: The 91 DOHC models use a single-groove v-belt for the smaller/inner cog that runs the power steering pump. The 92-99 DOHC use a 4-groove serpentine belt for the power steering pump.

NOTE: The "Early 91" fits Build Dates 9004.1-9103.1
The "Late 91" fits Build Dates 9103.2-9105.3

NOTE: BOTH versions of the 91 pulley are discontinued from Mitsubishi.
We do offer the aftermarket Dampened Steel 91 OEM-Replacement Crank Pulley and also the 3SX Lightweight Solid Aluminum Crank Pulley.


Don't wait for THIS to happen...


OEM Crank Pulley BOLT

We also recommend replacing your center bolt for your crank pulley if yours is rounded or split.


3SX Crank Pulley Removal / Installation Tool

The crank pulley bolt is the single tightest bolt on the engine of a 3000GT/Stealth! This is a custom tool used to remove and re-install the OEM or OEM-replacement crank pulley / harmonic damper on the DOHC 3000GT and Stealth. The tool uses a pair of bolts which are threaded into the appropriate holes in the tool, and fit into the two holes in the stock crank pulley. You then use a 1/2" drive socket to hold the tool and crank pulley in place, then use a breaker bar (or torque wrench if tightening) on the center bolt of the crank pulley to loosen or tighten it.


Picture of Stock OEM Crank Pulley 3S DOHC 92-99 Serpentine
Stock OEM Crank Pulley 3S DOHC 92-99 Serpentine
SKU: MD177199
Picture of Stock OEM Crank Pulley 3S SOHC
Stock OEM Crank Pulley 3S SOHC
SKU: MD138339