Stock OEM Mitsubishi Head Gaskets 6G72 3000GT / Stealth

Stock Mitsubishi Head Gaskets
for 6G72 3000GT/Stealth

If you need to replace your head gaskets but dont need the oversized ones for a larger bore, then the stock gaskets should serve your purpose! The DOHC NA and TT gaskets are all MLS metal multi-layer gaskets, while the SOHC ones are a paper composite. These are the same gaskets as are included in the engine gasket kits.

These stock gaskets come with a 92mm cylinder bore. If you are boring the block and using pistons LARGER than 92mm then you will need oversized head gaskets listed separately.


Gaskets are sold individually - select Qty of 2 for a pair.

Head Gasket OEM Stock 3S DOHC (TT + NA - MLS)
SKU: MIT001087
Picture of Head Gasket OEM Stock 3S SOHC (paper/composite)
Head Gasket OEM Stock 3S SOHC (paper/composite)
SKU: MIT000969