Stock Timing Belt Covers Upper & Lower - DOHC & SOHC - 3000GT Stealth


Stock Timing Belt Covers - Upper & Lower

Have your timing belt covers taken a beating over time? If you are cleaning up your underhood, these can sometimes be an overlooked eye-sore. Get a pair of brand new ones to restore that new original look! Select from the upper front (left above), upper rear (right above), or lower covers (not pictured - covers tensioner, pulleys, etc).

NOTE: The small aluminum cover that goes on the DOHC behind the timing belt between the heads over the water pump is no longer available.


NOTE - SOHC: The SOHC timing covers are listed for the 97-99 3000GT - we do not know if they will cross to fit the 91-96 SOHC Stealth.

Note: The 91-92 Front Upper Timing Cover and the 93-99 Front Upper Bank Timing Cover is Discontinued. If you need a front timing cover we do have available the clear timing covers. 9/22/2016