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Eric's 1993 Dodge Stealth R/T Non-Turbo


Eric, aka "SUTHNR", has been the proud owner of his Stealth since early 1996, and is continuously upgrading, modifying, changing, and customizing the car. It has transformed from being completely stock when purchased to a highly modified one-of-a-kind showcase that wins both shows and races. The 2013 overhaul turned it into what is now the most powerful FWD Naturally Aspirated 3000GT/Stealth on the planet! (on known record, of course)

Eric took home the coveted Best All-Around 3000GT/Stealth trophy
at the 3S National Gathering 2009!

Following that up, he AGAIN took the Best All-Around 3000GT/Stealth honors
at the 3S National Gathering 2014!

Check the Mods list below for the most recent updates and dyno charts!



December 2013 MAJOR Overhaul!!!

2013 saw a complete engine overhaul. It was the end result of a couple years of chasing unknown issues... (and ignoring it in the garage!) It slowly developed a progressively getting louder knocking noise. I replaced the crank bearings with coated bearings to see if that might help, thinking the coating might add JUST enough thickness to compensate for any adverse wear. The bearings coming out didn't look too bad, and the new ones going in didn't solve the problem. :-( So maybe the problem was in the heads (sounded more upper engine anyway). So I went after the lifters thinking maybe one of them had failed. No dice there either. Lifters coming out looked fine, and still had the noise afterwards. :-( So it's not the top of the engine and not the bottom end... Has to be something in the middle. I finally decided to open it up early 2013 and that was when we discovered it WAS the middle - one of the wrist pin had walked out of the rod and deeply gouged the cylinder wall. Scrap that block...

CLICK for BIG pic!
CLICK for BIG pic!

Yeah... Surprisingly the compression numbers were not too far off. But definitely found the source of the problem! One of the piston pins walked out of the rod (pins were press-fit into stock rods with the Ross pistons floating) and gouged the cylinder wall! At least THAT question was answered....

So moving on to what to do next...? Well, that answer was meticulously designed and custom produced. We built up this engine like no other - even MORE unique that it already was!

I had given myself a few options...
1) Drop a stock NA engine and leave it alone. Call it a day... {yawn, boring}
2) Replace the necessities and do a twin turbo conversion... {yawn, been done before}
3) Replace the necessities and do a "stealth" remote mount single turbo... {very tempting, though has been done}
4) Take the road not travelled and push a few boundaries... NOW we're talking more my speed!

Of the various options I had given myself, I ultimately opted for going after the unknown - let's build a 6G74 conversion! Wait, that's been done before, old news, both TT and NA. So what gives? {insert mad scientist laugh!}

I wanted to carry forward the high-compression NA concept that had been successful on the 3.0 engine and build up a high compression naturally aspirated 3.5-liter 6G74 motor! And build it up we did! We bored the block from the stock 93mm out to 95mm, and factoring in the super-decked heads I have (42cc bowls vs stock 52cc), we designed a custom piston that would yield a 13:1 compression build - the goal was to have a car that could run on 93 pump gas AND run e85 for the extra power, depending on which tune was loaded in the AEM that was going to be used for engine management.

Yes, we could have gone more for, but the car IS a street car, full interior, huge custom stereo, both show AND race winner. It's NOT a gutted shell race car. Were it such, I would have pushed the limits further (and someone should haha!). So I wanted a car that I could run 93 in and still travel without trying to plan-n-pray a trip around e85 availability (like I have been doing since the 2009 modifications), yet also run e85 for the added power it allows you to tune for.

What we ultimately ended up with is a monster far beyond any other FWD Non-Turbo 3000GT/Stealth we've ever heard of!

Here is the added/changed mods from previous builds (complete mods list below):
* 3.5-liter 6G74 block bored to 95mm yielding a 3.65-liter engine
* Custom flat-top Ross pistons at a 13.0:1 compression ratio LINK
* 3SX Custom 6G74 Rods LINK
* Clevite Coated Crank Bearings for 6G74 LINK - ( Coated 6G72 Bearings LINK )
* AEM EMS Series 1 + 3.5 Map Sensor + IAT LINK
-- Separate tunes for straight 93 pump gas and E85
* 3SX Custom DIY Poly Motor Mounts LINK - ( regular Poly Mounts LINK )
* KillerGlass Upper Radiator Hose LINK
* 3SX Custom NA Long Tube Headers by Kooks LINK
* 3SX Custom NA Race Pipe by Kooks LINK
* 3SX Custom Quad-Tip Cat-back Exhaust by Kooks LINK
* 3SX Custom Clear Timing Belt Covers LINK
* 3SX Solid Timing Belt Tensioner LINK
* Stock Twin Turbo Plenum


SO what's the end result?
E85 Tune: 280.3 hp / 267.8 tq
Straight 93 Pump Gas: 270.0 hp / 254.5 tq


The following graph shows the car comparing the E85 tune to the 93 tune. The E85 netted a gain of about 10hp and 13tq comparing peak numbers, but looking at the graphs, you can see it's across nearly the entire RPM range!


YOWZA!!!! We'll post track times once spring gets around and they open back up!! And I re-learn how to drive the car!



But how about some more comparisons? I overlayed the latest numbers with the car back in 2009 when we made the jump to e85 and high compression on the 6G72 3.0 liter. Then I compared it to a STOCK 1996 non-turbo - the graphs from earlier this year when we did all the new 3SX NA Exhaust testing. And THEN I overlayed it with a stock 1993 3000GT VR-4 we had on the dyno earlier this year as well!




We do have some ideas about future enhancements as well, but that'll have to wait for another budget....


The Photo Gallery

Take a virtual tour of Eric's Stealth! Click the image below to load a gallery of pictures of Eric's car. The gallery will load in a separate window and take you through a series of indexed pictures. Enjoy!

Special Photo: A panorama of the Stealth's cockpit. Click to load in a separate window. 225kb.


The Modifications...
Updated to 6G74 Build

Engine Internal & Build

* 6G74 3.5-liter Swap
* Bored to 95mm 3.65-liter 222ci
* Ross Racing Custom 95mm 13:1 Pistons LINK
* 3SX Custom 6G74 Rods LINK
* Clevite Coated Engine Bearings LINK
* MLS 95mm Head Gaskets LINK
* 3SX Stage 3 Heads (decked to 42cc) LINK
* 3SX 264/272 Regrind Cams LINK
* 3SX Valves +1mm intake, +2mm exhaust LINK
* Ferrea Dual-Spring Hi-Rev Valve Springs LINK
* 3SX Adjustable Aluminum Cam Gears LINK
* 3SX Custom MSD Spark Plug Wires LINK
* NGK Copper 7 Plugs LINK
* 3SX Solid Timing Belt Tensioner LINK
* OEM 6G74 Timing Belt LINK
* Stock Twin Turbo Plenum

Engine External & Supporting

* 3SX Custom DIY Poly Motor Mounts LINK
-- Regular 3SX Poly Mounts LINK
* "Stealth AIR" Custom Intake System
* K&N FIPK Open Element Cone Intake LINK
* SPEC Stage 4 Race Clutch LINK
* Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel FWD LINK
* 3SX Custom Clear Timing Belt Covers LINK
* 3SX Aluminum Crank Pulley 92+ LINK
* 3SX Aluminum Alternator Pulley LINK

Fuel & Management

* AEM Series 1 w MAP Sensor + IAT LINK
-- Separate tunes for straight 93 pump gas and E85
* 3SX Underhood Fuel Kit with FueLab Filter & FPR LINK
* 3SX Fuel Rails with 6G74 Loop LINK
* PTE 550cc Injectors LINK
* Walbro 255 Fuel Pump LINK
* 3SX Fuel Pump Hotwire Kit LINK

Cooling System

* 3SX High-Capacity Single Pass Radiator LINK
* ThermalFlex Radiator Hoses LINK
* KillerGlass Upper Radiator Hose LINK


* 3SX NA Long Tube Headers by Kooks LINK
* 3SX NA Race Pipe by Kooks LINK
* 3SX Quad-Tip Cat-back by Kooks LINK


* 18" VR-4 Chrome Wheels
* Intrax Sport Lowering Springs
* 3SX Adjustable Control Arms LINK
* Electronically Controlled Struts (stock ;-) LINK
* Addco Front & Rear Sway Bars LINK
* TEC Front Strut Tower Bar

Braking Power

* 94 VR-4 "Big Brake" Conversion LINK
Front and Rear Calipers w/ ABS
* Cross-drilled Rotors LINK
Gen2 TT Front, NA Rear
* Metal-Matrix Brake Pads LINK
* 3SX Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines LINK
* SpeedBleeders LINK


* The 222 HP Stereo...™
Rockford Fosgate & Eclipse
4 amps, 18 speakers, all custom
* Neon in Doors, Dash, Trunk
* Custom Main Gauges
* Short-Throw Race Shifter LINK
* 3SX Custom "Stealth" Pedal Covers LINK
* 3SX Custom "Stealth" Door Sills LINK
* Rear Window Tint 5%
* Larry, Curly, & Moe Travel Buddies :-)

Detailing the Show

* 3SX Polished Upper Intake Plenum LINK
* 3SX Polished Lower Intake Plenum LINK
* 3SX Polished Valve Covers LINK
* 3SX Custom Aluminum Fuel Rails LINK
* 3SX Engine Dressup Kit - Red LINK
* 3SX Spark Plug Cover Painted Red LINK
* 3SX Chrome Reservoir Covers LINK
* 3SX Custom Oil Cap LINK
* UP Engine Covers Kit LINK
* Custom Underhood Detail Painting

Miscellaneous Upgrades

* Hella H-4 Headlight Conversion w/ Hyperwhites
* "Snake Eyes" Pop-up Headlight Mod
* Rally Racing Superwhite Foglights
✗ Optima Redtop Battery (junk now, regular battery)

"On the Shelf"

* Intake plenum & throttle body research & testing
✗ "New" Interior - Sold to pay for head work
* Rebuild of The 222 HP Stereo...




June 2009 Updates (now Historical Archives!)

Prior to the National Gathering 2009, the car underwent a bit of an overhaul, receiving some mods that I have been wanting to do for a long time. Steve contributed a pair of heads - the old heads from T4 which have been decked and decked and decked - I'll just call them 3SX Mega-Deck Ported Heads - and decked again such that the deck-depth holes are SMOOTH. We figure a little under 2mm of the heads are gone. Steve also threw in his old Ferrea dual-spring valve spring kit. These Mega-Deck heads yielded a bit of an unexpected situation. I already have the 11:1 compression pistons in the engine. I had been contemplating getting a second NA and building a high-comp engine, like 12.5 or so. Well, we crunched the math, measured the engine, and heads (the bowls went from 51cc on the stock heads to 41cc on the Mega-Deck heads) and ended up with a compression ratio of 13.4:1 - DOH!!!! Got my high-comp engine I guess! That being said, I had to make a decision with how to proceed - set up for 100 octane (93 just wouldn't cut it) or make the jump to E85. Well considering 100 is about $120 for a fillup, I decided to spend the funds up front and make the jump to E85. Thus the complete underhood fuel kit went in, Walbro in the tank, and 550cc injectors. This makes the SUTHNR the FIRST and ONLY non-turbo 3S running E85!

Added Mods

* 3SX "Mega-Decked" Ported+Polished Stage III Heads - 13.4 compression ratio!!! LINK
Installed Gen1 (91-92) TT Heads, so did CAS Converion as well
* 3SX Black Nitride Valves +1mm intake, +2mm exhaust LINK
* Ferrea Dual-Spring Hi-Rev Valve Spring Kit
* 3SX 264/272 Camshafts LINK
* 3SX Adjustable Cam Gears set at +1 advance intake, -3 retard exhaust LINK
* 3SX Underhood Fuel Kit with FueLab Filter & FPR and 3SX Fuel Rails LINK
* PTE 550cc Injectors w Resistors (running original NA ECU) LINK
* Walbro 255 Fuel Pump LINK
* 3SX Fuel Pump Hotwire Kit LINK
* GM MAF 3.0" LINK
* MAF-Translator LINK
* 3SX High-Capacity Single Pass Radiator LINK
* ThermalFlex Radiator Hoses LINK
* E85 Fuel - the FIRST NA 3000GT/Stealth to make the E-jump!
* ECU Mod Rev Limiter Raised to 8000 LINK (added early 2010)

The BEFORE: The Previous Dyno Chart
Stock Heads & Cams, Stock Computer, Stock Fuel
186 FWHP / ~165 Torque

13.4 Comp Heads + Cams + E85 and Such
225.1 HP / 196.1 Torque

ADDED 40 HP and 30 ft/lb - AT THE WHEELS


Left = Stock Heads Removed 52cc Bowls Right = "Mega-Decked" 13.4:1 Heads 42cc Bowls




Best All-Around 3S - 2009 3S National Gathering

Eric took home the coveted trophy for "Best All-Around 3000GT/Stealth" at the 3S National Gathering 2009, fueled by the recent modifications he had made and being the first NA 3S to run E85.

3S National Gathering 2009 - Eric's final 2 AutoCross runs in 1 video.
Took home first place in FWD class with a 1:09 time.



SUTHNR Drag Racing

The car has proven to be a contender on the FWD purely-naturally-aspirated front with the engine work done to it. The latest trip to the drag strip turned out the following times:

3/6/2010 - Z-Max Dragway in Concord NC
1st run: 14.821 @ 97.86 with 2.357 60'
2nd run: 14.740 @ 98.21 with 2.401 60'
3rd run: 14.735 @ 97.85 wth 2.248 60'

The 3rd thru 6th runs were with a slipping clutch disc :(  Third run is the indicator of that - 60' was .15 faster yet ran the same 1/4 mile time and almost the same trap.  Eric has a couple other tricks up his sleeve to try, as well as a new clutch disc, to better the times beyond those.  But MAN gotta love the trap speeds!

Complete history of Eric's drag racing
(Excel file loads in separate window)

Eric Takes the Win in the Finals in FWD Drags at National Gathering 2010


6/26/2014 - Pittsburg Raceway Park @ 3S National Gathering 2014

First time at the track with the all new 3.7 liter NA motor! And was granny launching (if you call it a launch at all!) because the autocross was the next morning and had to make sure the car made it to that.

Pass 1: 14.76 @ 101.24 with 2.46 60'
Pass 2: 15.18 @ 101.42 with 2.74 60'
Pass 3: 14.58 @ 101.81 with 2.50 60'

Finally got a little bit of stick on the 3rd pass. As you can see, the 60' times are representative of the "let's not break it!" starts. These times are within 100th's of setting the FWD NA record and push the record NA trap speed over 100mph.


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