Strut OEM 3S AWD Front ECS Pair - Rebuild Service


Strut OEM 3S AWD Front ECS Pair - Rebuild Service (MB892370)

If your ECS light is flashing and you've repaired/replaced everything except for the front struts, since new ones are no longer an option.  Here is your alternative option.  There is a lot of things that can go wrong to prevent the ECS struts from working properly.   Scoring on the strut shafts, plug where the ECS Cap connects gets brittle and breaks, and even the ECS Module can get acid and/or corrosion damage. 

Here is what we do to get the struts working correctly:

  • New NOK Oil Seals
  • New Shock Oil (Redline Brand) mixed to OEM Viscosity
  • New Piston Rod Guide Bearing
  • Piston Rod Cleaning and Buffing
  • Base Valve and Main Valve Teardown, Clean and Inspection
  • Nitrogen Charge to OEM Spec
  • Shock Dyno Verification + QC Report
  • 24hr Electrolysis Bath to Remove rust from Shock Body
  • 3 coat (min) Rust-oleum Paint Job
  • Nickle Plated Dust Cap

Note:  A $500 Core Charge will be added to your shopping cart.  This amount is in addition to the listed price of the rebuild service, and refunded to you in the same method you paid (back to card or Paypal account, or check for Money Order Payments) once 3SX received your core parts in rebuildable/reusable condition per the core parts policies.  If you have a different part number on your front strut, please contact 3SX prior to ordering.  Part # MB892370

3SX Core Parts Return Form

Need a copy of the Core Return Form? Download and print it here!