Subwoofer Box 2x 10's Enclosed 3S

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Subwoofer Box
Custom Stealth Subwoofer Box designed and engineered for optimal sharp deep bass response. This is a sealed subwoofer enclosure setup for dual 10' woofers.  Allows for rear seats to be either folded up or down, which exposes the subwoofers in the main cabin like other higher end sport touring cars.  Workable air volume is 1 cubic ft, ideal for dual shallow subwoofers.

Crafted one by one in the USA.  CNC cut to exact measurements, assembled professionally, 3/4 inch MDF, all joints wood glued and silicon sealant to prevent air leakage, fully carpeted to match OEM carpet, terminal cup installation (you may choose to disclude this if you want to install your own or go a different route on placement and type of termination such as through hole terminal bolts).  You may request saddle-tan carpeting that matches the tan interiors; this creates a uniform look. This is a good option if you plan to cover the rear face with a styling plate.  Please provide the subwoofers you intend on using so we can ensure a perfect recessed fit.
  • Stealth design - utilizes notched down space behind seats
  • Retain usability of rear bucket seats for passengers or storage
  • Seats up or down at any time (down for the visual appeal) - subwoofer mounting surface is recessed
  • No fastening system or modifying the frame involved - uses geometry of rear seat area and hatch latches for safe and secure mounting
  • Easy no tools required removal for track days, cleaning, or folding seats down for additional cargo room
  • Optimal air volume for dual 10" woofers intended for sealed enclosures
  • Designed to allow spare tire access panel to be opened for access to storage compartments
  • Easy mono-amp mounting of Focal FPX 1.1000, Rockford Fosgate T500X1BR, JL MX500/1, or similar amplifiers on rear face
  • Proper tolerance for power and audio cables between subwoofer and frame
  • Quality OEM matched carpet for fabricated box
  • Hatch cover remains usable
Maximum Subwoofer Mounting Depth: 4.5"
Sealed Air Volume : 1 cubic ft.
Rear view with an amplifier installed
Front view with subwoofers installed
Front view of box
Rear view of the box
Side view of the box
Note:  subwoofers and amplifier not included.
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