Sunroof Regulator Manual Popup Sun Roof Crank 3000GT Stealth

Manual Sunroof Regulator Parts
91-95 3000GT/Stealth


Parts sold as pictured below:

Regulator Assembly WITH Crank Handle (Top - DISCONTINUED)

Back Cover Panel (Bottom Left - DISCONTINUED)

Insert Panel (Bottom Right)

Mounting Bolt (assy to roof) 3 on car (not pictured) (Sold Individual)

Option:  Mounting Bolt (assy to roof) NOE - Pack of 3

Bolt Sunroof Crank Handle Qty 1 (not pictured)


It's not uncommon for the regulator for the manual crank-up/pop-out sunroof to strip its gearing inside. Unfortunately, you can't replace just the internal parts, you have to replace the whole assembly. This is the stock crank up regulator assembly for the manual sunroof on the 91-95 3000GT/Stealth.

Available separately is the back cover panel and the little pop-in insert panel (this little insert panel is only used on some non-turbos that didn't have the electronic AC controls). You can also get new bolts that attach the regulator to the roof (3 on the car). If you need to replace the temperature sensor in the roof, we offer that as well (only used in cars with the auto climate control system, pictured in the top picture).

NOTE: The pieces are ONLY available as pictured in the bottom picture. The plastic piece around the rotating handle is NOT available separate from the regulator assembly.

TO CLARIFY: The ASSEMBLY is NOT all of the pieces - it is the CRANK ASSEMBLY with the handle and shroud. It does NOT include the back cover and insert. These pieces are listed separately.

NOTE: Parts not listed in the drop-down menu below are discontinued and no longer available and can not be ordered.

If you misplaced the small bolt that is underneath the crank handle.  Look no further as we have them available to order.  

Installation tip:  When replacing the small crank handle bolt.  Remove the crank handle assembly and thread the bolt.  Remove the bolt and rethread it again.  After the second removal reinstall the crank handle assembly and it should thread it with ease.

* * * Rebuild Alternative * * *
3SX has also developed replacement gears for the internals of your regulator!  If the glass does not go up, or only goes up part of the way, it could be that the plastic gear set on the inside is stripped out - CLICK HERE for replacement gears if that is what you really need...



Picture of Sunroof Regulator Cover INSERT Panel Gray (NA Only)
Sunroof Regulator Cover INSERT Panel Gray (NA Only)
SKU: SunroofRegInsert-G
Picture of Bolt Washer Assy Sunroof Crank to Roof
Bolt Washer Assy Sunroof Crank to Roof
Picture of Bolt Sunroof Crank Handle
Bolt Sunroof Crank Handle
SKU: Bolt Manual Sunroof Crank Handle