Supra / SC Custom Braided Stainless Steel Power Steering Line

SKU: 3SXKIT000965

Toyota Supra Custom 3SX Power Steering Hose Kit
Fits MKIII 1JZ and MKIV 2JZ Supra - Turbo & Non-Turbo
Also Lexus SC300 & SC400 with 1JZ or 2JZ Engine Swap
Also Lexus SC300 with Stock Motor

This is a custom professionally made and crimped stainless steel braided PTFE high pressure line that replaces the factory snake of a hose between the power steering pump and steering rack. With the age of these cars, they are most likely leaking and dry-rotted like the pics below! The 3SX Power Steering Hose Kit includes fittings to go into the pump and rack and the line to connect the two. This custom line is also silicone coated for an extra layer of protection to help prevent the braiding from getting damaged. Plus being standard AN line, it make removal for service sooo much easier. And it's shorter - eliminating the useless / ineffective "cooling loop" under the oil pan.

This kit fits all MKIII and MKIV Toyota Supras with 1JZ and 2JZ engines - the turbo, twin turbo, and non-turbo as well. It also works on the Lexus SC300 and SC400 that have had the 1JZ or 2JZ engine swaps. And even fits the Lexus SC300 with the stock motor. Note that this will NOT work with the SC400 with the stock V8 engine as it is a different length line.

Kit includes new line, 2 adapter fittings, and 2 crush washers for sealing the fitting against the pump and rack. NOTE that the adapter fittings may vary in color as we use a variety of suppliers for the AN fittings.

Can't Compete on PRICE!!!

The OEM Toyota hose is part number MKIV 4440314020 and MKIII 4441014120 which sell for well over $300 (yikes!!!) and that doesn't include the banjo bolts for the ends or the sensors at each end - that's JUST the hose! "If you gotta replace it, you might as well upgrade it!" Why spend all that money when you can go aftermarket and get a better line for a fraction of the expense

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