3SX Performance Swaybars AWD Sway Bars TT / VR4

3SX AWD Swaybars
for 3000GT / Stealth / GTO

Over 2 years in the planning, research and development, testing, and production!  3SX has reintroduced front and rear sway bars for the AWD 3000GT/Stealth platform!  Swaybars, often called anti-roll bars, make a great addition to the overall handling characteristics of the car, without sacrificing any ride quality or comfort. 

The 3S is a big heavy car, no one ever questioned that...  And heavy cars tend to display body roll when going around curves and corners, leaning toward the outside of the curve/turn you are driving.  This lean effectively shifts the balance of the vehicle, reduces tire contact patch in the inside tires, and reduces traction.  When pushed too hard this can also lead to understeer where the car just refuses to turn in the direction you are steering it.

Upgrading to beefier swaybars helps reduce the lateral body roll, serving to help keep the car "flatter" on the road. This keeps the balance of the car more centered (and lower) and maximizes tire contact patch and ultimately traction.  The sum of all of this is the car is more responsive when turning.  Since there is no change to the springs or struts (the vertical part of the suspension), there is no change in how the car actually rides driving down a straight road - it's not any more stiff, rigid, or bumpy.

Swaybars are extremely popular among racers (whether road course or auto-cross) to help them through corners faster.  But even on a daily driver car, navigating traffic is much more predictable and precise as the car shows less weight shift when changing lanes or navigating turns.

Update! Well leave it to 3SX to demand the best! We have gone and re-re-re-developed the rear swaybar again! And further we have designed it to work with FACTORY OEM ENDLINKS! We went through FOUR separate configurations tweaking each one to be "just right" so installation and fitment are top-notch! We do still recommend simply dropping the rear subframe for the easiest installation, but the fitment is excellent with no interference with the undercarriage, trailing arms, halfshafts, main driveshaft, etc.

Click here for pictures showing the rear bar installed on an actual vehicle.

3SX FRONT Swaybar for AWD 3S

The front bar is a stout 1+1/8" (tool shows 1.13" instead of 1.125" as it is only a 2 place caliper) solid steel bar and includes brackets, bushings, and endlinks. 

Installation of the Front Bar requires removal of the downpipe, transfer case, and one of the front lower A-arms (the rear inner mount point). Estimated installation time about 3-4 hours. We recommend a full 4-wheel alignment after installation.

3SX REAR Swaybar for AWD 3S

The rear bar steps up to a 1-inch solid steel bar and includes brackets and bushings.

 The 3SX Rear bar is designed to use the factory endlinks

You reuse your stock bolts for mounting the brackets to the subframe. Optional spacer plates are included with the swaybars should you need to space the bushings and bar away from the subframe, but you will need longer bolts to mount the bushings/brackets.

Installation of the rear bar requires dropping the rear subframe.  It's also the perfect time to install the AWS Delete Kit if you plan to.  Estimated installation time about 8-10 hours. We recommend a full 4-wheel alignment after installation.

Picture of 3SX Sway Bar AWD TT - Front w/Endlinks
3SX Sway Bar AWD TT - Front w/Endlinks
SKU: SwayBarTT3SXFront
Picture of Swaybar AWD 3SX  TT - Rear
Swaybar AWD 3SX TT - Rear
SKU: SwayBarTT3SXRear
Picture of 3SX Sway Bar AWD 3SX TT - SET Front+Rear
3SX Sway Bar AWD 3SX TT - SET Front+Rear
SKU: SwaybarTT3SXSet
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