T-Shirt The Performance Factory Horsepower Stamp


3SX T-Shirt - The Performance Factory - Black
"We Manufacture Horsepower Stamp"

What IS "The Performance Factory" you ask! Well, it's the 3SX Service Department! We have done a bit of a facelift on our service department, and as part of the service department's long term strategy to expand into other platforms, we have given the service department its own division name! The guys in our 3SX Service and Dyno Tuning Facility all worked together to come up with a name that best represented what they do and how they wanted to project themselves, and "The Performance Factory" was born! We are still transitioning... the Facebook Page: The Performance Factory - is alive and growing. The new website is in its final stages at The Performance Factory - http://www.PerformanceFactory.US.

But don't let all this change scare you! We have the same technicians and are STILL the premier shop to get your 3000GT or Stealth fully built and dyno tuned! Just walk through the shop and you will see 8-10 different states represented from East Coast to West Coast and anywhere in between! We are still working hard to develop NEW products for the 3S platform. So we're not going anywhere... We're just growing a little :-)

Above = close-up of front | Below = close-up of back

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