Tanabe Exhaust System Catback & Turbo-back Concept G-Blue TT/VR4


Tanabe Exhaust Concept G-Blue

3SX is an authorized Tanabe Dealer!! We have their exhaust systems for the 3000GT VR-4 and Stealth TT. These are complete stainless systems with the choice of getting a cat-back system or going full "turbo-back" and including the race pipe, downpipe, and front pre-cat eliminator pipe. These systems come complete with all mounting hardware that use stock mount points, gaskets, and even a pair of silencers for the muffler cannisters for those highway trips when you don't want to be drowned in sound by your car!

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The sytems are made with T304 stainless steel using all mandrel bending and pressed stainless steel flanes and hollow hangers to help with weight. The downpipe includes a flex-section to resist damage to the exhaust and other components. The muffler tip is actually made with Inconel, a rare alloy that has excellent anti-corrosive and heat resistive properties. The downpipe portion includes O2 bungs for the OBD-II style cars that have 4 sensors (Note - you may need the Dual O2 Simulator if you eliminate your pre-cats).

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Full "turbo-back" system.

Select from either "cat-back" system for an exhaust starting after the catalytic converter
or full "turbo-back" system to add the race pipe, downpipe, and front eliminator.

NOTE: The turbo-back includes a separate "race pipe" along with the downpipe and cat-back. If you are in an emissions state and need a catalytic converter, the Random Tech high-flow cat will work perfectly as it is the same length and allow you to maintain your emissions.

The Tanabe exhausts are known for being EXCELLENT build quality (made in Japan) and fit very well making installation pretty easy. The Tanabe exhausts are the preferred and recommended exhaust systems by the 3SX Service Department for the AWD 30000GT and Stealth.


We also offer the Tanabe Downpipe Kit separately. This kit includes the downpipe, front pre-cat eliminator pipe (goes up to the front O2 housing, not all the way to the turbo) and the race pipe to replace the main cat.


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NOTE - The Tanabe exhaust systems are special order and have a lead time of about 2 weeks.