TCU Rebuild (Send-Yours-In) 3000GT/Stealth 93+


TCU Rebuild (Send-Yours-In) 3000GT/Stealth 93+ Automatic ONLY

If you are having problems with your car shifting, it's possible it could be your TCU. Symptoms of an TCU being bad typically are intermittent hard shifts, not shifting into gear, and potentially getting stuck in gear.

We offer a "send-yours-in" TCU rebuild option. Place your order online here. Send your TCU to us at the address on the site (Raceway Drive address). You MUST INCLUDE a copy of your order confirmation so we know it is your TCU. We will send it out to our TCU rebuilder and return it to you as soon as we have it back from them. Turnaround time is typically 2 weeks from when we receive it.

Note: 91-92 TCU's are not repairable.