TD04 Turbos - NEW TD-04 9B Center Cartridge 9B CHRA with Wheels - Rebuild Your Stock Turbos for CHEAP!

TD04 9B CHRA Turbo Cartridges WITH Wheels
Stock Replacement Internals for Your Stock Turbos


Rebuild your own turbos on a budget! While we do offer complete stock replacement TD04 9B turbos, these are NEW CHRA (Center Housing Rotating Assembly) cartridges complete with the 9B wheels - direct replacements for your old and tired stock turbos! Installing these essentially gives your car NEW stock turbos!

The great thing about these is you likely don't even have to complete remove your entire stock turbos to refresh those on your engine. You can disconnect all the intake and intercooler pipes, disconnect the wastegates, undo the v-band clamp holding the center cartridge to the exhaust housing, and remove everything. Then swap the compressor housing from your old cartridge to the new one, then re-clamp the cartridge to the exhaust housing still in the car. Reconnect the wastegate. Reassemble the intake/intercooler and done!

These cartridges do not have a warranty. We do recommend cleaning/flushing your intake pipes and oil system as the intercooler pipes are likely coated with oil. Oil lines, oil cooler lines, and especially the actual oil cooler core, should be flushed or replaced to ensure you do not reintroduce contaminants into your new turbos.



It has come to our attention that there are apparently THREE different stock OEM center cartridges that were used in the stock turbos on the 3000GT and Stealth, all with the same 9B compressor and turbine wheels. There are variations between the CHRA and the exhaust turbine housing in how they mate together. Particularly in the height/protrusion of the cartridge, height of the heat shield that sits behind the turbine wheel, and the corresponding mounting depth in the exhaust turbine housing.

Please check the pictures below for the comparison and how they are measured. If you are planning to get this new replacement CHRA, you MUST pull your stock turbo apart first and measure the height from the lip of the heat shield to the flange/base on the center cartridge housing and compare it to these pictures. The CHRA offered by 3SX matches the middle cartridge measurement of about 9.1mm height. If your measurements are closer to the other cartridges, we recommend simply getting the NEW Complete Replacement TD04 9B Turbos and simply replace the whole housings/wastegate/cartridge all as a matched unit.

You can click these pictures for larger full-screen pictures for easier viewing/printing.




Check your cartridge FIRST! 3SX will not accept any returns on these cartridges once they have been installed. Check your turbo first to see if these CHRAs match your turbos.


Picture of TD04 Turbo CHRA 9B with Wheels NEW (each)
TD04 Turbo CHRA 9B with Wheels NEW (each)