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Service, Technical, and Information Manuals
for 3000GT & Stealth


3SX has listed our collection of electronic backups of various service and technical information reference manuals for your FREE download. These are all PDF files in varying sizes.

We do offer the full hard copy factory service manuals on the Literature Page, some of which cover specific years not included here (later years) and gives you the option of having a physical manual at your fingertips when working on your vehicle.

When you choose the manual you're intrested in downloading, simply click the "Download Sample" link below the Description. We Suggest you also Right Click on the button and choose "SAVE AS" so you can save the file to your local drive.

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3000GT Specific

1991 Service Manual - 3000GT

Vol. 1     Vol. 2

1992-1996 Service Manual - 3000GT

Vol. 1     Vol. 2

1996 Euro Supplement - 3000GT

1997 Euro Supplement - 3000GT

1998 Euro Supplement - 3000GT

1998 (Electrical/Wiring) Euro Supplement - 3000GT

1999 Euro Supplement - 3000GT

1995 SPYDER Supplement - 3000GT

1993 Technical Information - 3000GT



1994 Service Manual - Stealth

Vol. 1     Vol. 2

1991 Body Repair Service Manual - Stealth

1991 Technical Information - Stealth


Mitsubishi Engine Service Manual - 6G72 Specific

Mitsubishi Engine Service Manual - Various Mitsubishi



Transmission Service Manual – AWD – Manual

English     Japanese

Transmission Service Manual – FWD

Automatic     Manual 



1990 Technical Information - DSM (Eclipse/Laser/Talon)


Please take note. Some of these files are very large and take a few seconds to download.


These electronic files have been gathered over recent years. 3SX makes no claims to the contents of the files and makes no assumption of copyrights or production.