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VIN Plates

What is my Build Date?
What is my VIN?
What is my Color Code?

Where is my VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)?
The VIN is located in a number of places, both identifying the car as well as being located on many of the attached parts. The easiest place to get the VIN is on the decal/panel located in the driver's door jam (pictured above) - it is the 17 digit alphanumeric series located just below the bar code. It is also located on the dashboard in front of the steering wheel where the windshield meets the body of the car. It is also located on the block, transmission, and most removable metal body panels.

What is my Build Date?
The build date for your vehicle is located on the VIN plate in the driver's door jam (pictured above). It is the date located on the upper right of the plate. This date is very important as it gives the exact time the car was actually produced, which is necessary when determining which parts are applicable to your specific car. There are some instances on the 3SX website where the build date is required for ordering the correct part for your vehicle and it is typically listed as it is in the Mitsubishi parts catalog as YYMM.X where YY is the build year, MM is the build month, and X is the 1st/2nd/3rd third of the build month. Unfortunately the X can not be determined by just looking at your VIN plate, it has to be cross-referenced. If you need help determining your exact build date, and you have a Mitsubishi, email us your VIN and we can help you make sure you are ordering the correct part. Unfortunately, the Stealth VINs are hit or miss on whether they will work in the Mitsubishi parts lookup - but email it and we can certainly try!

Note: The above VIN plate indicates a build date of December 1992, which is actually a model year 1993 and would be referred to as 92.12 or 9212.X on various 3SX item listings and descriptions. Model years typically cycle mid year for the 3000GT, typically between May/June or June/July.


Deciphering the Vehicle Information Code Plate
Located under the hood on the firewall on the driver's side just to the left of the brake master cylinder you will find the code plate with various factory information about the car and it configuration.

This gives the model of the car (Z11A/Z15A/Z16A) followed by a 7-digit series that helps determine some specs of the car (FWD/AWD, 5spd/6spd/AT, Fed/Cali, High/Premium/Sports Line). This can sometimes be useful when looking up special order parts, but this information is also stored with the VIN.

This gives the model of the engine.

This gives the exterior code.

This gives the code for the transmission followed by the rear differential reduction.

This is a series of 3 codes. COLOR is the Body Color code. INT is the Interior code. OPT is the Equipment option code.