Tech - What are the US-Spec Brake Rotor Dimensions?

Brake Rotor Dimensions - US Market


3000GT / Stealth - US Spec Rotors (Diameter)
Stillen Rotors
91-93 TT/VR4 AWD Front
11 5/8
13.50 lb
4-piston Fixed
91-93 TT/VR4 AWD Rear
11 1/8
1-piston Floating
94-99 TT/VR4 AWD Front
12 5/16
17.55 lb
4-piston Fixed
94-99 TT/VR4 AWD Rear
11 11/16
2-piston Fixed
91-99 NA FWD Front
10 13/16
12.55 lb
2-piston Floating
91-99 NA FWD Rear
10 7/16
1-piston Floating

The above chart is measured dimensions for the US-Spec rotors and the years they apply to for US cars.

International Owners
For customers outside the United States you will need to measure your rotors and get the actual diameters and order your rotors, pads, and calipers accordingly. We have run across variances (particularly on the early European models) where the "first generation" 91-93 vehicles will actually need the "second generation" rotors from the US 94-99 models. Measuring your rotors on your car and ordering the appropriate rotors and pads will ensure you get the proper fitting brakes.

So, for example, if you measure your front rotor and it is 313mm in diameter, then you will need the 94-99 front rotors even if your car is a 92. From our experience in talking with our non-US customers, you also order pads to match the rotors.

Calipers will vary to match the size of rotors.  The AWD front calipers vary in the length of the "arm" that mounts the caliper to the knuckle between the early and later styles, but share the same pad (all AWD use the same front pads).  The AWD rear calipers vary in that the early style calipers are a single piston floating caliper and the later style uses a 2-piston fixed caliper. The US model FWD cars (3000GT & Stealth) share the same brake components across all years and models so are all interchangeable.

3SX will not be responsible for shipping or other expenses resulting from incorrectly ordered brake components.