Tein Flex-Z Adjustable Coilovers Suspension Kit TEIN for 3000GT GTO Stealth AWD

Tein STREET Advance Complete Coilover Suspension Kit
AWD 3000GT VR4 & Stealth Twin Turbo


3SX is an authorized TEIN dealer! And this is the best of the best!
Available for the 3000GT/Stealth platform, the STREET FLEX system is just that - flexible! It offers the ultimate in adjustability. The Street Flex offers height adjustment independent from the spring load - so you can lower the car without affecting the springs compression and shock damping. It comes with adjustments for height (slammed to lifted!), spring load, 16-way adjustable damping struts which you can adjust with the twist of a thumb-screw at the top of each strut, upper pillow-ball mounts, and it is compatible with the EDFC so you can control the strut damping on the fly from inside the car!

3000GT VR-4 / Stealth TT AWD - VSR74-C1SA4

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We highly recommend you also get the 3SX Adjustable Control Arms for the rear. Lowering your car typically gets the rear end too far out of spec to be properly aligned with stock hardware. These adjustable arms give you full control of properly aligning the rear camber, preventing uneven tire wear.




Picture of Tein Street Flex Z Kit 3000GT Stealth AWD VSR74-C1SA4
Tein Street Flex Z Kit 3000GT Stealth AWD VSR74-C1SA4
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