Thermal Flex Radiator Hoses ThermalFlex 3000GT/Stealth


ThermalFlex Silicone Radiator Hose Kit
3000GT/Stealth DOHC Turbo & Non-Turbo

These are high quality Thermal-Flex radiator hoses for the DOHC 3S engines. The stock hoses are only getting older and deteriorate over time, resulting in cracks and can eventually burst, leaving you on the side of the road with the hood up and smoke and coolant pouring out... Don't be that car!

These thick-wall silicone radiator hoses are a great and affordable solution. The are custom molded to be direct-fit replacements for stock radiators or most aftermarket radiators (if they have the water connections in the stock locations). We worked directly with ThermalFlex to have the pipes custom made for excellent fit and clearance from parts in the engine bay.

Samco (left/black) side-by-side with ThermalFlex (right/blue)

Thermal-Flex 4.5mm wall thickness

Samco 3.5mm wall thickness

Sold as a matched pair or upper and lower hoses - clamps are NOT included.
Due to their thicker walls, we recommend the 1.75" T-bolt clamps.

NOTE: These are for the DOHC engines, they are NOT for the SOHC 3000GT/Stealth.



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