Thermostat OEM 3000GT/Stealth


Stock Mitsubishi Thermostat

Often times an overheating or erratic temperature problem is as simple as the thermostat has gone out. Replacing the thermostat on the 3S is quite simple, requiring less than 30 minutes to complete. Select from year/model.

Picture above is the non oem 91 TT + NA Thermostat. It does NOT come with a gasket. If you need a gasket, you will need to add it to cart.


Early 91 DOHC TT/NA (build date thru 90-Sept) INCLUDES composite gasket
Late 91 & 92+ DOHC TT/NA (build date 90-Oct and later) INCLUDES rubber ring seal
91-99 SOHC INCLUDES composite gasket

Other water housing and pipe gaskets and orings are listed here.

Note: oem thermostat 91 is discontinued. 8/31/2016 - oem thermostat gasket for the 91 is discontinued. 10/24/2016

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