Throttle Body Seal Kit Replace Seals on Throttle Plate Shaft 3000GT Stealth

Throttle Body Seal Kit
Replace the Seals on the Throttle Plate Shaft

This is a rebuild kit for your throttle body. It is getting fairly common to have an intake leak at the actual shaft that goes through the throttle body and holds the throttle plate. There 2 seals on it - one on each end behind the TPS and throttle cable pulley/springs. We include a pair of replacement seals for the throttle plate shaft, a pair of new screws for the throttle plate itself, and a small tube of Loctite to keep the new screws in place.

NOTE: This does require complete disassembly of your throttle body. You have to remove the throttle position sensor and hardware behind it, the spring-loaded throttle cable pulley and hardware behind it, as well as the throttle plate itself. Please document the order the parts come off as they must go back on the same way. Also the 2 screws holding the throttle plate are locked in, so you are best to have the throttle body in a vice and a good strong screwdriver to snap them loose.

We have an article in our Tech/FAQ the help guide you through installing this kit:
Throttle Body Seals Kit - Installation FAQ Article

Throttle Body Seal Kit 3S
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