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Clear Timing Belt Covers
91-99 DOHC 3000GT/Stealth

These are brand new clear polycarbonate timing belt covers available for the DOHC 6G72 engine in the 3000GT/Stealth/GTO.  They are direct replacements for the stock black covers and are available for all years (91-99) with the DOHC Twin Turbo and DOHC Non-Turbo engines!  This is a polycarbonate material and is stronger than plexiglass and more heat resistant.

Now you can show off your custom engine in STYLE, all the while protecting your timing from getting messed with or somethihng accidentally dropped down into the timing belt area from not running timing belt covers.

This is the perfect addition to show off aftermarket cam gears and/or kevlar timing belt!

FRONT Cover fits DOHC 91-99

REAR Gen1 Cover fits DOHC 3S 91-92
(NO timing trigger blade on the rear exhaust cam gear)

REAR Gen2 Fits DOHC 3S 93-99
(HAS timing trigger blade on the rear exhaust cam gear)


Includes metal inserts in the bolt holes to help deter cracking the plastic.
We also include rubber lined washers to shield the bolts from the covers.


6G74 3.5-liter Fitting

These covers have been tested and ALSO fit on the 6G74 3.5-liter DOHC engines! This was originally reported by one of our Australian customers and they are now installed on Eric's Stealth with the 6G74 conversion as pictured. Since the block is longer, the covers do not meet in the middle like on the 6G72 engines, but the cam gears and heads are the same size so the covers clear the rotating components. We installed a custom bent piece of metal over the center gap.


 Note on Fitment:

We've learned that the Front Cover will have about 1/8" Gap at the merge with the Rear Upper Cover and the Lower Timing Cover

To make this fit more snug, you can remove a little material at the mounting boss (a Dremel or Sanding Block works great for this)