Tool Steel High Impact * H13 * Piston Pins Wrist Pins 3000GT / Stealth


H13 High Impact Tool Steel Piston Wrist Pins

These are pretty much the BEEFiest piston pins we could find!  The H13 is a high impact high strength tool steel and these pins are available in .200" or .220" wall thickness.  The real main difference is in weight of the pins.  The .200's weigh 121.4 grams while the .220's weigh 140.8 grams each.  So the extra strength and wall thickness obviously adds a little to the weight of the pin.  But these are MUCH thicker than any of the other pinton pins we offer, as well as being made with the higher-strength H13 steel.

These are designed to be direct repacements for the aftermarket full-float pistons used on the 6G72 3000GT/Stealth engines (.866 x 2.500 x XXX thickness). 

Available in either a spiralox or wire-lock configuration (these will need to match your pistons).  The Ross pistons we carry are spiralox, the Wiseco are wirelock.  Please order accordingly to your needs.

CHECK YOUR PISTONS BEFORE ORDERING, and confirm your parts once added to cart to make sure you are ordering what you need.

NOTE: These will NOT work with the Mahle pistons we carry as those pistons use a shorter length pin.