Transmission REBUILD Service - Send Yours In!


Transmission Rebuild Service
3000GT / Stealth - AWD or FWD

3SX has had transmission service and rebuild capabilities for several years, but has typically been limited to in-house cars or special requests.  We have opened up the rebuild service offering to the world now! 

The process is simple. You send us your transmission, and we will rebuild it for $1235 labor plus whatever parts are required (typically a mix of new and used depending on availability) then we'll ship it back to you. 

Simply place your order online here which will charge the $1235 serving as a deposit. Once we receive your transmission, it will be disassembled and you will be contacted by the service department with required parts and pricing for a rebuild.

Return freight shipping (USA) is $300 to be charged once the transmission is done and ready to ship.

NOTE: If after receiving the estimate you decide to not complete the rebuild, you will only be charged $360 for the disassembly and inspections then have the option of either abandoning the transmission or we can return freight it to you (in disassembled state) for $300. Any remaining balance of the $1235 initial payment and charges will be refunded to you.

If have any further questions or wish to purchase this service please email our service center at to arrange time frames, payment, and shipping information.