Turbos TD04 9B Stock Replacement 3000GT Stealth TD-04 NEW TURBOS!!!

Stock Replacement TD04 9B Turbos!

3000GT VR4 & Stealth Twin Turbo
3S Twin Turbo Conversions

These are stock-replacement style, NON-HMI TD04-9B turbos! BRAND NEW ONES at that! If your stock turbos are blowing oil/smoke or making weird screeching noises, but you're not looking to upgrade turbos and all the rest of the modifications involved in running bigger turbos, then these are the turbos for you!

Left - Front Turbo                                Right - Rear Turbo

They are direct replacements for the stock turbos, mounting to the stock manifolds and dump pipes, accepting the stock oil and coolant lines, and fitting stock gaskets (note: none of these extra items are included).

As pictured, mounting hardware (bolts/studs/nuts) are NOT included. Additionally, add the TD04 Turbo Mounting Hardware Kit to your cart so you don't have to try to remove them from you old turbos. You can add them from the selection menu below.

As with any turbo installation, we recommend you use NEW turbo lines - we offer the 3SX TD04 Turbo Oil Line Kit as well as the OEM Turbo Oil Lines. Your oil cooler should be replaced as well, especially if there was catastrophic engine failure such as spun bearing, piston/ring/etc damage, etc, resulting in metal in the oil system - that all gets in the cooler and is nearly impossible to flush out - we offer our 3SX Oil Cooler Kit.

As these are NEW turbos, there is NO CORE CHARGE and no need to return your old turbos.

NOTE: These are IN STOCK and ready to ship!


As an even lower cost alternative, we offer NEW 9B CHRA Center Cartridges with both wheels ready to go into your turbos. Note that if you opt for cartridges only, you will need to check your existing turbos to make sure they will work with your housings.

Picture of Turbos TD04 9B Stock Replace NEW - PAIR
Turbos TD04 9B Stock Replace NEW - PAIR
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Picture of Turbos TD04 9B Stock Replace NEW - Front Only
Turbos TD04 9B Stock Replace NEW - Front Only
SKU: TurboTD04-9BNew-Front
Picture of Turbos TD04 9B Stock Replace NEW - Rear Only
Turbos TD04 9B Stock Replace NEW - Rear Only
SKU: TurboTD04-9BNew-Rear
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