TurboSmart BOV - Dual Port

TurboSmart Dual Port Blow Off Valve
Universal Fit for Virtually Any Turbo Car

The TurboSmart Dual Port BOV is truly a remarkable and versatile valve!  It's literally FOUR valves in one!  Using the various port, plug, and bell options, it can be configured as any of the following TurboSmart BOVs:

* Plumb Back - fully recirculating valve using the port and plug
* Dual Port- recirculating low boost and then also release to atmosphere under high boost (port on lower opening, bell on higher opening)
* SuperSonic- fully open loop under low or high boost (bell on one opening, plug on other)
* MegaSonic - fully open under any boost (dual bells)

Application: Suits medium sized turbocharger systems on 4 to 6 cylinder engines developing 200 to 600 HP.


3SX is an authorized TurboSmart dealer offering their complete line of products ranging from blowoff valves and boost controllers to wastegates and fuel components.


TurboSmart BOV - Dual Port 32mm - Sleeper Black
TurboSmart BOV - Dual Port 38mm - Sleeper Black
SKU: BOVTS-DualPort38-S
TurboSmart BOV - Dual Port 32mm - Blue
SKU: BOVTS-DualPort32
TurboSmart BOV - Dual Port 38mm - Blue
SKU: BOVTS-DualPort38
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