TurboSmart BOV - Race Port

TurboSmart Blow Off Valve - RacePort

With an oversize 52mm inlet, the Race Port is TurboSmart’s largest and highest-flowing blow-off valve, outflowing all competitors in its class.

APPLICATION: Lightweight and compact, this product is ideal for high horsepower, turbo or supercharged racing applications.

SUPPLIED WITH: Quick-release V-Band Clamp, Aluminum Weld Flange.

Available in Blue or "Sleeper" series (black).

The Race Port BOV is geared for the high-end and high-horsepower engines in that it uses replaceable internal springs, much like a wastegate, to determine its optimum performance range. There is a spring kit available that gives you two more springs to set your Race Port to best match your engine configuration. One spring kit includes both the orange and pink springs. Determine your optimal internal spring configuration based on the chart here:


3SX is now an authorized TurboSmart dealer offering their complete line of products ranging from blowoff valves and boost controllers to wastegates and fuel components.

TurboSmart BOV - Race Port 50mm - Sleeper Black
TurboSmart BOV - Race Port 50mm - Blue
TurboSmart BOV - Race Port 50mm - SPRING KIT
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