TurboSmart BOV - SuperSonic

TurboSmart Blow Off Valve - Supersonic!

This is a BOV for racers and serious enthusiasts who want to be noticed. Supersonic provides a superior flow performance with a unique “supersonic” sound.

APPLICATION: Suitable for all turbocharged vehicles. Extremely popular with racers and show-car buliders world-wide.

SUPPLIED WITH: Weld-on adapter

Available in Blue or "Sleeper" series (black).


3SX is now an authorized TurboSmart dealer offering their complete line of products ranging from blowoff valves and boost controllers to wastegates and fuel components.

TurboSmart BOV - Supersonic - Sleeper Black
SKU: BOVTS-SuperSonic-S
TurboSmart BOV - Supersonic - Blue
SKU: BOVTS-SuperSonic
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