TurboSmart Power-Gate External 60mm Wastegates and Accessories


TurboSmart External Wastegates - 60mm Power-Gate60

DESCRIPTION: Despite being increased from 50mm to 60mm, the new Power-Gate60 is smaller and lighter than its predecessor. With improved flow path and temperature resistance it is a market leader in its sector, outperforming all similarly sized wastegates. Shielded diaphragm housing ensures excellent heat handling capabilities while a one-piece high-temp stainless steel valve provides strength and reliability. 30% lighter, 20% smaller, 40% more flow than the old Power-Gate50

APPLICATION: High-end racing. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harshest racing conditions. Fully compatible with all Turbosmart Boost Controllers.

SUPPLIED WITH: 7psi outer spring (fitted), 10psi inner spring, Inlet flange, Outlet flange, Valve seat, Inlet V-Band clamp, Outlet V-Band clamp, 2 × 1/8 NPT vacuum nipples.

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Power Gate60 Accessories

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