Ultimate Performance Strut Bars- UNPOLISHED 3000GT/Stealth

Ultimate Performance Strut Tower Bars - RAW / UNPOLISHED
3000GT / Stealth

Increase your cars handling and cornering capabilities instantly by adding front and rear strut tower bars. These bars help increase the cars rigidity and decrease body flex when cornering. New design offers full-circle end brackets and 4-bolt mounting between the bars and brackets on all bars for increased strength. Bars are shown with button-head fasteners for images, but ship with standard grade 8 hardware.

These bars are raw and unfinished - perfect if you plan on painting them to match your underhood color scheme.

Top = Front || Bottom = Rear

Left = Rear || Right = Front

NOTE: The 96+ cars with the sensor on top of the plenum may have fitment issues if your motor mounts are not properly supporting the engine - the bar clears the sensor with plenty of space, but excessive engine movement can cause it to contact the strut bar and potentially damage the sensor.

NOTE: These bars may or may not fit with your aftermarket intercooler pipes on the driver side.  Check your intercooler pipe where it goes by the driver-side front strut tower to see if there is clearance for putting a strut bar prior to ordering.

NOTE:  If you have an Intake Plenum Spacer, you will have to clearance the inside of the hood to fit properly..denting may occur if this isnt done


UP Strut Bar Unpolished Front
UP Strut Bar Unpolished Rear
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