UP Engine Covers Dress Up Kit Stainless Steel


UP Dress up Engine Covers Kit - Stainless Steel

Now made with polished stainless steel! Parts come covered with a protective film (as shown) This is a 7 piece kit of covers to enhance your engine bay - concealing those ugly black plastic fuse boxes and some of the miscellaneous wiring.

The covers are for:

Cruse Control throttle cable cover by Drivers front strut

Main fuse box by Passenger headlight

Relay box by Passenger headlight

Injector Harness/Wire Carrier

AC relay box by driver headlight

MAF Cover

Plenum Harnesses on Pasenger side of 91-97 DOHC plenum

The fuse/relay covers press on over the existing plastic covers, while the other pieces are add-ons or replace existing covers. This kit is a great way to enhance your engine when you show it off!

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