USED 3-Button Remote / Key Fob

Good used at a fraction of the price
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Used 3 button Keyless Entry/Alarm Remotes aka "Key Fobs"



These are tested, and in good used shape


        Yours Must Match the FCC ID #GQ43VT6T on the back


All have some wear from use, but function as normal



Come with NEW Batteries!



2-Button TT / AWD 93-95 
NA / FWD 93-97 (excl 96 Premium Line)
3-Button * TT / AWD 96-97
NA / FWD 96 (Premium Line only)
3-Button * TT / AWD 98-99
NA / FWD 98-99


How to program in the car:

NOTE: You will need to access the keyless entry receiver located behind the driver rear quarter panel. It is the computer box just forward of the speaker.


(Make sure it says FCC ID: GQ43VT6T)

There is a 3-position switch on it marked SET 1 - FIX - SET 2. It is easier to access the switch with the box unbolted from the car. Move the switch to either SET position (the two SET positions are in case you have two transmitters with different codes), so the receiver will learn the new code. Press either button on the new transmitter.

Move the switch back to FIX, to retain the code. Test the new remote operation - it should work.


Another link to Programming these


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