VCU Viscous Coupling Unit - 3000GT Stealth AWD REMAN

Reman'd VCU for 3000GT/Stealth AWD

WOW! Finally a solution for the AWD 3S transmissions! New VCU's are, well, non-existent at best, and replacement cost on special ordering one is over $2000!!! Well, 3SX has come up with a solution! We now have freshly remanufactured viscous couplers for the AWD 3000GT/Stealth gearboxes. They are available for both the 18-spline (91-early92) and 25-spline (late92-99) transmissions.

These units have a core charge which is added to your shopping cart when you place the order. The core unit returned MUST match the unit purchased (18 or 25 spline). You can not buy a 25-spline and return an 18-spline - your core will not be refunded in this case. Use the below comparison picture to identify which is which.

 * These are usually Built to Order, and can take 3 weeks to deliver *

 ** 18-spline VCU's Not Available at this time **

Picture of VCU for AWD 3S Reman - 18-spline
VCU for AWD 3S Reman - 18-spline
SKU: VCUReman18spline
Picture of VCU for AWD 3S Reman - 25-spline
VCU for AWD 3S Reman - 25-spline
SKU: VCUReman25spline
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