Walbro Fuel Pump KIT - Mitsubishi


Walbro 255l Pump
For 3000GT/Stealth and Others

One key step in upgrading your fuel system is the fuel pump. The stock fuel pump is sufficient to a point,but when you are upgrading turbos you need MORE fuel and sufficient flow and line pressure to support larger injectors - not enough fuel means running lean which leads to, well, bad things in your motor ;-)

3SX also carries the Walbro 255l fuel pump. We include the requisite fitting kit to install it in the 30000GT/Stealth or Evolution VIII.

This is the GSS-341 pump and the 3S Adapter Kit.

NOTE: We strongly recommend the Fuel Pump Hotwire Kit when installing an upgraded fuel pump.

NOTE: If you have a 91 3000GT or 91 Stealth double check your pump inlets prior to purchasing. We have found out in some cases a 91 will need a GSS342 Pump.