Water Pipes & Orings O-Rings 3000GT Stealth

Water Pipes & Orings 3000GT/Stealth

Over time the pipe connecting the water pump to the thermostat housing my corrode to the point of needing replacing. These are the stock pipes that run under the lower plenum between the heads and connect the water pump to the thermostat housing on the transmission side of the engine.

NOTE: For all DOHC (Turbo and Non-Turbo) there is one pipe and 2 DOHC o-rings are needed. For SOHC with Automatic transmission, there is just one pipe and 1 SOHC o-ring needed. For SOHC with 5-speed manual transmission, there are 2 pipes and 2 SOHC o-rings needed. The o-rings are not included with the pipes and must be ordered separately.

O-Rings are sold individually

NOTE: Parts not listed in the selection menu below are either discontinued or no longer available for ordering.

Picture of Water Pipe DOHC Pump-to-Thermo
Water Pipe DOHC Pump-to-Thermo
SKU: MIT000867
Picture of Water Pipe SOHC AT
Water Pipe SOHC AT
SKU: MIT000852