3SX SOHC Regrind Cams Racing- SOHC Camshafts


 Racing Cams
for SOHC 12v 3000GT and Stealth!!!

We FINALLY have aftermarket camshafts for the SOHC 3000GT and Stealth! These are custom regrind shafts designed to draw more power from the 12-valve engines.  It will be higher lift and longer duration that stock.

NOTE: There is a core charge when ordering camshafts. The charge is included in the shopping cart. Send your stock camshafts back to 3SX after installing your new cams for a refund of the core charge. Your core cams can not be previously welded or re-ground, and journals must be smooth and undamaged - they must be in rebuildable condition. Please see the 3SX FAQ Page for complete core policies.

3SX Core Parts Return Form
Need a copy of the Core Return Form? Download and print it here!