Winzer ICE BREAKER Rust Release Penetrating Fluid 1 Can

SKU: WinzerIceBreaker1Can

Winzer Ice Breaker - Rust Release

This is a penetrating fluid spray that goes beyond any other! Its instant deep-freezing action reduces the temperature of the applied area to as low as -40°. The sligh contraction of the part due to the temperature change causes micro-cracks in the rust, allowing the rust-eating properties of the Ice Breaker to penetrate the rusted connection and break it free. Effective for nuts, bolts, screws, couplings, fittings, hinges or other rusted components.

Note that the quick temperature change can adversely affect some plastics and paints.

Winzer Ice Breaker Rust Release MSDS in PDF from Winzer.

Sold as a single spray can.