Wiring Connectors Harness Plugs Crimp Tool MOLEX Style CRIMPING TOOL - Equivalent Delphi/Packard 12085271 / SPX Kent Moore J-38125-7


Wiring Harness Plug CRIMPING TOOL
For Use With 3SX Harness Plugs
For Sealed-Terminal Automotive, Weather Pack, Metri-Pack Harness Connectors
Fits 14-24 AWG Gauge

This is an open barrel Molex style crimping tool that works with 14-24 awg terminals found in many automotive sealed harness connectors, including the harness plugs we offer. You simply slide the terminal seal/boot over the wire, remove about 3/16" of insulation from the end of the wire, use this tool to crimp the terminal to the insulation and wire for a tight and secure connection, then slide the now wired terminal into the harness plug you are working on.

This particular tool works well because it is double hinged, meaning the crimping jaws stay parallel and clamp straight together. Also, the crimping jaws are only 4mm thick allowing you to separately/individually crimp the insulated and non-insulated part of the wire to the terminal. Additionally, it offers 5 different sized crimps in a single tool. Other crimping tools try to crimp both parts of the terminal to the wire and caused the terminal to get stuck in the tool, messing up the crimp.

This tool also features comfortable rubber handle grips that are removeable for cleaning if they get greasy/dirty.

This is a comparable tool to the Delphi/Packard 12085271 and SPX Kent Moore J-38125-7, but is actually an improvement because of the double-hinge mechanism that keeps the jaws parallel for a straight crimping engagement.

Insulation Crimp
AWG 14-18 Ga. Use Crimp Slot A
AWG 20-24 Ga. Use Crimp Slot B

Stripped Wire Crimp
AWG 14-16 Ga. Use Crimp Slot C
AWG 18-20 Ga. Use Crimp Slot D
AWG 22-24 Ga. Use Crimp Slot D/E

Maximum range (conductor crimps) 22-12 AWG
Maximum range (insulation crimps) 24-14 AWG

The tool is 8.5 inches long. See image below for approximate jaw dimensions of the A-B-C-D-E crimp slots.


This tool is designed for these types of wire terminals/ends


Well Whaddya Know?!?

I was watching the "How It's Made - Dream Cars" series on TV the other night and low and behold spotted them using this tool! It was Season 2 Episode 7 about the Lucra LC470 and you can clearly see the tool being used in production of the full custom wiring harness used in the vehicle. If you start watching about 10:35, it talks about the wiring harness. At 10:40 you can see the tool on the table in the lower left corner, and then at 11:40 they show the tool being used to actually crimp the terminal on the wire.

Click to view the episode on YouTube.