Wiseco Pistons 3000GT VR4 Stealth Twin Turbo 6G72


Wiseco Pistons
3000GT VR4 & Stealth Twin Turbo

We now offer the Wiseco Pistons for the twin turbo 3000GT and Stealth. They are available in 91.5mm, 92mm, and 92.5mm bores and carry an 8.3:1 compression ratio, so only slightly above stock.These are a forged piston and they come complete with pins and rings, ready to install in your engine!

 We HIGHLY recommend that you have your pistons PRIOR to boring your block, so your machine shop can bore to the proper clearances for the pistons. The listed piston sizes are approximate, and as there are different tolerance requirements between different piston manufacturers and even exact size variations between piston production runs, you should never bore you block without having the pistons that are going in the block so the machine shop can bore to match the pistons and their specific clearance requirements. 3SX is not responsible for pistons not matching a bore - take that up with your machine shop that did the bore.

REQUIRED: You MUST have your final measurements correct on these or any forged pistons from 3SX, as there will be NO RETURNS on them 

NOTE: We normally get these pistons in 2-3 days. If there is a longer delay due to production we will let you know.